Designer and creative director Kerryn Langer has given life to the Arms Of Eve label through the many pencil sketches living within the pages of her travel journals and sketchbooks, dating back to her early beginnings in Johannesburg, Sydney, Los Angeles and beyond.

Inspiration for Arms Of Eve comes from deep within Kerryn's history and heritage, where from her earliest age she was embraced and influenced by her two greatest teachers - her mother and her grandmother.

As she learned from their incredible ability to make objects of beauty by hand and with her African heritage at her fingertips, Kerryn fell in love with tribal textiles. When she migrated to Sydney's serene shoreline, she brought these tribal influences within her heart. Through AOE, Kerryn has found a way to merger her heritage with her home, finding harmony within a bohemian-beach lifestyle.

Finding her way into fashion design was a natural progression for Kerryn. On graduating from from the Whitehouse Institute of Design in Sydney, Kerryn's first career opportunity was as lead designer for Bracewell (an iconic Australian women's lifestyle brand), designing seasonal collections that took her on great adventures to Europe's textile fairs and the Indian subcontinent.

After moving to Los Angeles with her American husband, Kerryn launched her self-titled women's wear label, Kerryn Leigh, supplying boutiques across North America. Two kids and eight years later, Kerryn returned to Australian shores with her family in tow, impassioned that Sydney would be the perfect place to bring the vision of Arms Of Eve to life.

AOE is an extremely personal journey that evolved through Kerryn's passion for travel, love of food, obsessive thirst to collect and curate beautiful objects, and her insatiable appetite to interact with and learn from others. With a desire to create artisanal adornments through the revitalisation of traditional handmade techniques from around the world, each piece is a love letter to the modern woman. Ethically handcrafted and empowering women to sustain their timeless craft, Arms Of Eve chronicles a place, a time and an endless journey.