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Hand-made & ethically sourced, timeless accessories.

We are extremely intentional about the steps and processes that go into the creation of our products. Each piece is handcrafted in India, Thailand and China.

We also take every step possible to minimise our effect on the environment by taking a holistic view of our jewellery making process.

We aim to create and source pieces that are as unique as you are, creating a world of possibilities through texture, colour, and materials. 

Our designs are meant to bring individuality and confidence to our AOE Tribe and can be styled, STACKED, and layered in countless ways. We co-create our collections with our talented jewellers, working closely to ensure high-quality practice and ethical standards.

Well, the main reasons why you should buy ethical jewellery is apparent - you can wear your jewellery knowing the people making it have been paid fairly.

By supporting ethical brands, you are contributing to good treatment of workers, better quality lives and greater causes that have a larger consequence on the manufacturing industry, such as harmful & toxic materials.

From the moment our finished jewels are packaged up for their flights to Sydney, we strive for the packaging to be environmentally friendly as possible with their packaging materials to be plastic-free.

Our jewellery is ethically made, and is packed and shipped in 100% recyclable or biodegradable packaging. We use a combination of packaging that is entirely up to you - when you checkout!

Our signature padded mailers are made from 100% recycled plastics and have a recycled bubble inner that provides an extra layer of cushion. After use, these sustainable bubble mailers can be recycled where soft plastics are accepted.

The satchels we use for apparel is using plastics from recycled Ocean bound Plastic pollution rescued from coastal communities throughout Southeast Asia. 

Our signature paper jewel boxes and cotton calico bags have been designed so that they can be re-used at home to keep your jewels safe but in the event, they are thrown away, they are purposely designed to be 100% recyclable.